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1. E-Commerce FAQs
1.1 Can I save my shopping basket if I don't want to purchase now?
1.2 What are the credit cards I can use on the web site?
1.3 Do I have to use my PayPal Account?
1.4 How do I create a PayPal Account?
1.5 What are the PayPal charges?
1.6 Is my personal data held by PayPal?
1.7 Will PayPal use my personal information?
1.8 I have an error on my credit card payment what can I do?
1.9 I got an email asking for my credit card – should I answer it?
1.10 How can I check on my payments?
2. Shopping and Check-out FAQs
2.1 How can I delete from my shopping basket?
2.2 How can I view my shopping basket?
2.3 Do I have to login to check out?
2.4 My Billing information is different from my Shipping information
2.5 What is the benefit to login before I checkout?
2.6 How do I view more products from the check-out?
2.7 How can I know how many items I have in my shopping basket?
2.8 Is there a limit of what I can put in the shopping basket?
2.9 How do I search for products?
2.10 My favourite product is not on line – is it out of stock?
3. Account registration FAQs
3.1 Why do I need an account?
3.2 How do I create an account?
3.3 Do I need an email to register an account?
3.4 Can I change my password?
3.5 I forgot my password, what should I do?
3.6 What if I forgot the email address I used to register?
3.7 Do I need to fill up my billing information?
3.8 How do I view my orders?
3.9 Can I cancel my order?
3.10 Can I delete my account?
4. Pick-Up and Delivery FAQs
4.1 Where can I pick-up my Thesis or Course Notes?
4.2 What are the shipping methods?
4.3 Is there a limit to where my product can be delivered?
4.4 What are the shipping fees?
4.5 How could I know the status of the delivery?
4.6 How long do I need to wait to get my delivery?
5. Data Privacy FAQs
5.1 How can I be sure that my data is private?
5.2 My spam email increased – is that from the portal?
5.3 I received an email asking for my credit card information - what should I do?
6. Email Confirmation FAQs
6.1 I received an email asking for my account information - what should I do?
7. USYD Alumni FAQs
7.1 Can I use the portal if I'm a graduate?
8. Browsers FAQs
8.1 What browsers are compatible?
8.2 Do I need to clear my cookies to be secure?
8.3 How do I clear my cookies?
8.4 Is my browser secure?
9. Unikey Login FAQs
9.1 Why do I need to login with my Unikey?
9.2 I don't have a Unikey - can I use the web site?



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